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Mike Barber


I started playing in 1983.

I originally was going to play keyboards but the band that I was joning asked me if I would play bass instead. At the time I did't know what a bass guitar was but I duely went to Amen Corner (a music shop near Bracknell) and bought a bass.

The guitar was a Harmony short scale bass (I don't know anything else about it, but I will post a picture of it soon) which I still have to this day.

I have been playing bass ever since (except for a short break in the early nieties when I tried my hand at 6 string guitar).

I currrently play a Rickenbacker 4003 Blueburst, it was made in March 2007 and is the absolute bees knees! I only ever use it in vintage mode because I love the 4001 sound. I also use a modified Fender Precission which is strung B-E-A-D.



The original line-up (Bob Guy, Dave Shingleton, Steve Steele, Nige Farrow and Tim Martin) got together in 1990 and managed to stay together long enough to appear live twice. Several years later, DisGuys morphed from a five-piece to a four-piece. The new line-up (Bob, Al Vaughan, Julian Turner-Bell, Steve-returning after eight years) gigged until 2003 when Steve emigrated to New York. During this period it was agreed that if one of this line-up left, the band would end. So the last gig with Steve was meant to be just that.

Bob and Al spent the next few years recording and were pleasantly surprised by the results. They got back together with original drummer Nige and started again with a new bassist, Mike Barber.

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