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Mike Barber

Technical Data

Live setup:

Amp Effects front Effects rear

Amp set to push the mid at 800hz and quite a bit of overdrive.

4003 set to vintage mode, both picks but with the volume rolled off a bit for the neck pickup.


Rickenbacker 4003

Straight in to the desk. Neck and bridge pickups have their own seperate channel.

Mikes Bass

This originally started out as a Mid Eighties Jap Precission. Since 1995 I have made the following modifications:

Machineheads replaced with Schaellers and 1 Hipshot Detuner.

The bridge pickup was custom made for me by Kent Armstrong back in '95 (that was before he started making the off the shelf ones). I asked it to be "hot and vintage". Interestingly that's the name for his p-bass range now (I'll have to ask him if I gave him the original idea :-)).

The neck pickup is a Bartolini Tri-bucker.

The electronics have been replaced with a Bartolini 2 band active circuit.

The bridge is an old Bassass mark one.

The top Nut is brass.

Amp section